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Expert Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom is no longer a place to just spend the minimum few minutes and get out as quickly as possible. It has become a place to relax and renew yourself. Because of this, many homeowners are giving great importance to their bathroom designs. Most people will decide to remodel their existing bathroom at least once. HouseFIX, a professional Atlanta bathroom remodeling company, can help you with several design concepts to stretch your budget and turn your bathroom into a relaxing area where you can rejuvenate.

You may decide to remodel your bathroom because it looks out dated or is inadequate for your current needs. Maybe you need better ventilation or you have discovered some water damage that might require repairs. Sometimes older bathrooms offer too little storage space and you’d like to remodel to create some extra storage. The bathroom fixtures also become dated and worn over time and may prompt you to think about installing something new. One thing can lead to another and you may realize that the entire bathroom really needs a facelift. A qualified HouseFIX Atlanta bathroom remodeling may be the perfect solution. We deal with outdated, rundown and just plain inconvenient bathrooms every day, so we can give you some great ideas on a new look for your space.
HouseFIX Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling:
Spa Ideas for Remodeling

Spas are very popular today and they increase the resale value of your home. Home buyers want to have a spa tub in their new bathroom. Home spas are a status symbol and they help people relax and rejuvenate. A skilled Atlanta bathroom remodeling company like HouseFIX can help bring a spa-like look and feel to even the smallest bathroom.

Consider adding multiple shower heads with different spray actions. You can choose a large rain shower head that mounts in the ceiling or one that pours out a sheet of water like a waterfall. You can have a wall of full body sprayer heads or even a steam shower. And don’t forget the heated towel rack for those toasty towels just like the ones at your favorite spa. The best thing is that these are things that will work in the smallest of bathrooms so you won’t need to be knocking out any walls to gain a truly spa like feel. However, if you have a big bathroom and a large budget, then there is no limit. If you want to convert your outdated bathroom into a luxurious spa, contact a reliable Atlanta bathroom remodeling company like HouseFIX .
Eco-friendly Remodel:
Let’s Reduce Consumption

When you decide to remodel your bathroom, you’ll have a lot of options available. There are numerous choices available in cabinets, showers, bathtubs, toilets and other fixtures for your bathroom. Matching sink and shower fixtures along with towel bars can bring it all together. HouseFIX Atlanta bathroom remodeling will help you make the right choices when you remodel your bath.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly remodel and want to save on water consumption along the way, you might want check out some water saving faucets and shower heads. And don’t forget the newer toilets that use far less water. Older toilets use from two to four gallons per flush where the newer models use less than two! By using the newer toilets you can save huge volumes of water every year. You can consult your local Atlanta bathroom remodeling company to learn about the latest eco-friendly remodels available.
Bathroom Remodeling:
On a Budget

A bathroom can be renovated without breaking out any walls or making changes in the plumbing. However, the walls can be moved make the bathroom more spacious. Obviously a surface remodeling project is going to be much easier. If you’re pleased with the existing layout of the bath it can save you quite a bit of money. It depends on the condition of the bathroom and whether there is any existing water damage. After a through inspection, HouseFIX Atlanta bathroom remodeling can tell you whether your bathroom needs surface remodeling or complete renovation.

Sometimes such a major overhaul is required in homes where the bathroom is antiquated and completely worn out and your floors are damaged due to extensive moisture damage. Such complete remodeling involves demolition, rough plumbing and carpentry, electrical, insulation, drywall and tile work. You will also need to replace the flooring, cabinets as well as the fixtures. A knowledgeable HouseFIX Atlanta bathroom remodeling experienced in bathroom remodeling projects will be able to handle such a large project without a problem. Your budget is an important consideration when it comes to determining the level of your bathroom remodeling project. Talk to us, an experienced Atlanta bathroom remodeling company, about your budget before you start work. A surface remodeling usually doesn’t involve as much money as a complete renovation.

You may also explore the possibility of enhancing the look by keeping the weight bearing walls intact. If you move the weight bearing walls, this can be bit of an expense. If you plan to shift the position of your fixtures, you will have to get the plumbing redone in your bathroom. Decide if you can live with your current floor plan, leaving your existing plumbing in place. This may save you considerable plumbing expense. With some common sense and the support of us, a trustworthy Atlanta bathroom remodeling company, your remodeling project should be a breeze.

If you are remodeling your home, your bathroom is one area you cannot afford to ignore and it should reflect your individuality and sense of style. Considering the amount of time an average person spends in a bathroom, it only makes sense to create an inviting and relaxing space. A professional Atlanta bathroom remodeling company like HouseFIX will help you turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat that is comfortable, functional and visually appealing.

We serve all of Metro-Atlanta. If you are looking for an experienced bathroom remodeling company in Atlanta, please give us a call today at 404-707-0513 or complete the Contact Request form on our “Contact Us” page.


Custom Tile Work

We set all types of tile including Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Mosaic, Quarry, Pavers, Travertine, Limestone, Granite & More. We’re a full service tile work provider, so we can handle all aspects of your custom tile project including design, demolition, wet bed & mud set stone.

HouseFIX Atlanta custom tile installation is experienced in custom tile work as well as waterproofing. Properly waterproofing your new bathroom, shower, tile wall, walkway, or floor with the proper barrier material where needed is an integral part of a skilled custom tile installation.

HouseFIX Atlanta custom tile installation has over 20 years in the tile trade and we work closely with our customers, tile providers and sub-contractors to achieve the best quality tile projects we can produce. We strive to better ourselves by continuing education & training in material and installation methods.


Basement Build Outs & Finishing

HouseFix has years of experience building out basements & remodeling existing finished basements in the Atlanta area, we’ll help you with the design and building procedures of your project & make sure that you feel comfortable about your project every step of the way.

When you first look at an unfinished basement it can be difficult to see the many possibilities for creating wonderful living space in your Atlanta home. Basement remodeling offers almost limitless potential because your basement offers enough space for everything you can imagine. Many clients have trouble envisioning what can be done with all that unfinished or dank space. HouseFix can help you plan your basement remodeling project so that you will know what it can look like when we’re finished remodeling it. There are many ways to approach a basement remodeling project. The entire basement can be left open to create a game/media room, it can be divided into separate rooms, or even transformed into an in-law suite. It can be elegantly finished for entertaining or we can add more utilitarian surfaces to create a clean & well lit work room.

HouseFix has years of experience building out basements & remodeling existing finished basements in the Atlanta area, we’ll help you with the design and building procedures of your project & make sure that you feel comfortable about your project every step of the way. We’re looking forward to meeting with you & talking about what you’d like to get out of your basement remodeling project. Our estimates are always free with absolutely no obligation.

Before We Get Started

Some things to consider before you decide to remodel your basement:

Dampness A dampness problem in a finished basement can open the door to all kinds of problems, including mold and mildew. If your basement is damp or leaking we’ll need to correct these problems and seal the floor and walls before we can move on to interior renovations

Ceiling height Does your basement area have visible duct work and/or a low ceiling level? In the case of a low ceiling and exposed ductwork you might want us to frame boxes around the duct work so that the rest of the ceiling is higher. If you have exposed duct work with plenty of height we can install a drop ceiling or install a dry wall ceiling. In extreme cases your duct work may need to be rerouted.

Concrete floors Concrete floors can be hard on your back, often cause a room to have poor acoustical qualities, and make basement seem uncomfortably cold during the winter months. Choosing the floor covering for your basement remodel can take a little more time and effort than for other rooms, it depends on what you want to do with your new space & how impervious to moisture your basement is. Carpet is great for most situations, but every one’s needs are different. Let us help you make the best decision for your needs.


Drywall Installation & Repair

HouseFIX Atlanta drywall installation & repair has provided professional quality craftsmanship to the Metro-Atlanta area for over 20 years. At HouseFIX our extensive experience in drywall installation, repair & demolition allows us to work much faster than other area contractors without sacrificing quality.

We have serviced luxury homes, high-rise condo constructions, commercial locations – both retail & restaurant, as well as small residential projects such as adding or removing doorways, adding or removing walls, water damage repair and simple drywall patching.

At HouseFIX Atlanta drywall installation & repair our focus is to provide service excellence at a competitive price. We have worked hard to over the years to achieve our expertise and sub-contractor relationships, but we do not limit ourselves to drywall alone. Our small close-knit crew of professionals have the experience, training and tools to handle any job, large or small. We understand the importance of scheduling and meeting time-sensitive deadlines for residential and commercial contracts alike. The experts at HouseFIX Atlanta drywall installation & repair know what it takes to compete in this demanding industry. We offer superior service, the highest level of ethical value, on-time quality completions, and most importantly 100% customer satisfaction.


Interior, Exterior & Finish Carpentry

At HouseFIX we’re trained in woodworking, finish carpentry, cabinet making, custom cabinets, trim and moldings, custom fences, outdoor structures, finish woodworking, framing & much more!

When you hire HouseFIX for your capentry project you can trust that you’ll receive excellent service & we’ll continue working until you are satisfied with your project.

We know that when you find a carpenter that you trust, you’ll want to continue your relationship. In fact, many homeowners decide after just one experience with HouseFIX Atlanta carpenters to stick with us for future work. If you have a list of carpentry projects you want to complete around your home, you can develop a relationship with HouseFIX Atlanta. Once you have an established relationship with us, you’ll feel confident leaving your carpentry project in our hands.

One of the best decisions you can make for your home is to find carpentry contractors you can trust. You’ll have the peace of mind you need knowing all of your projects are being performed by a professional. Plus, HouseFIX carpenters in Atlanta can help you find discounts on materials and get you the best price so you’ll save money by choosing to work with us.


About Us


HouseFIX remodeling is a small owner operated remodeling company established in Atlanta GA in 2009 by Michele Alves and John Morahan.

We combined our talents, Michele’s business savvy and accounting skills and John’s construction experience and attention to detail to form HouseFIX Remodeling.

John has over 20 years in the construction field working on projects from basic residential construction, historical renovations, all types of remodeling and high end mixed use commercial construction. From New York to Atlanta, GA we have been improving homes and structures of all kinds.

We specialize in Bathroom remodeling where we can personally touch every aspect of the project to make sure it’s up to the highest possible standards. We enjoy talking to our customers and bringing their ideas to life.

We hope you will become one of our loyal clientele, you won’t be disappointed.

Michele & John


  • John was excellent and his work is outstanding! As we planned for the project he was readily accessible and promptly responded to my questions. He gave me a work schedule and honored it. He was also very neat and clean. But most importantly his work is terrific, and you can clearly tell that he cares about quality craftsmanship. I have already recommended him to other friends and colleagues.
    JoAnne – Stone Mountain, GA
  • The contractor communicated well and was willing to work with my schedule. He was very prompt and professional. He came to the site prepared to complete the job and provided receipts for the parts he purchased to complete the job. The overall quality of his work was excellent and he cleaned up after himself. He also provided good suggestions on future projects I am considering as well. I would recommend his services.
    Bobbie – Woodstock, GA
  • My husband & I are absolutely ecstatic about the results of our bathroom remodel by John at Housefix. Even though we only have one bathroom in our house the entire experience was relatively painless. John actually made it kind of fun (sort of). We truly enjoy our home more now that we’re finally rid of our old claustrophobic 1950’s bathroom.

    Everything was done quickly, professionally and very competently. John was amazing – expert, quiet, clean, focused, friendly, etc. It’s rare when a home improvement project that we visualize in the beginning is what we see on the last day, but that’s what we ended up with, and I can’t tell you how important that is to us. It was truly an extraordinary job.

    I would absolutely recommend John at Housefix to anyone looking to do bathroom work, and I would be happy to serve as a reference for him. If you would like a personal reference & more information about our bathroom project, just call John & ask for my contact information.
    Elise – Atlanta, GA

  • We are so pleased with the work that was performed. We recommend HouseFIX Remodeling.
    The Smart Place Adult and Children Services, Decatur, GA

    We had an outstanding experience with John. He was on time, on budget, clean, neat, works to perfection and does not cut corners. We knew exactly what we wanted and he delivered.
    If he advises you that there is a better way to do something then take his advise.
    We need to redo another bathroom and will not hesitate to use him again.
    A true professional and you will be very happy with his work.
    Leon – Atlanta, GA

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